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                                           Prayer Requests, Glory Sightings & Praise Reports                    

~ Please Pray...I'm 45 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 22 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name ~ Phil Chavez


~ I have had excruciating pain in my shoulder, neck, and back  for over 8 years now. I have had surgery and an epidural in my neck without any relief. Please pray that Jesus would either heal me in my sleep or give doctors wisdom to figure out what is wrong with my shoulder, neck, and back. Thank you.  ~ Katie Thompson


~ Please keep Kaylee Stivers in your prayers. She the 9 year old daughter of my friends Karla and Ed Stivers and the niece if Kim Wells Cook. She is in the ICU at Kosair with pneumonia in both lungs complicated with being asthmatic. She was hospitalized yesterday and had a rough night and is scared and frustrated and tired. ~ K.C.Thornburg


~ Margery Driskill suffered a traumatic brain bleed yesterday and the prognosis is not good.The doctors have said that she would not survive the corrective surgery. Please keep her and her family in your prayers as they prepare for her home going!

~ Please pray for my friend Denise Santana's mother Mrs Snyder. She has double breast cancer and has just
 been diagnosed with Dementia. Denise and I have been friends since high school. They live in Philadelphia, PA. ~ K.C. Thornburg

~ Please pray for my friend Kathy Tompkins she broke her femur late last year, still healing and her family
is giving her a hard time her children are special needs and her husband is suffering from Dementia. ~ K.C. Thornburg

~ Pray for my courage. ~ sathish

~ I am reaching out to have some prayers from anyone and everyone I can. My co-worker's daughter was rushed to the hospital
the other day with a seizure. It took many hours for her to even open her eyes and be some what responsive. She is still having
seizures and also is having fevers. She doesn't recognize her mommy. Her daughter is only two years old. So I would like if a prayer
could be said in church for this precious baby, her mother and family. We all love them very much. Thank you so very much.
~ Adrienne Huegell

~ I work at the Days Inn in Seaside Heights. A young woman named Shannon Chaffin just moved in here. She is poor, sick with epilepsy,
and cant take care of herself. She suffered several bad epileptic attacks last night and she is now in Community hospital. Please prayer for
her to recover and get to a safe stable place in life. Most importantly, please pray for God to come into her life. She cant do this alone.
Thanks ~ Tanya

~ Eddie Spellman and Antonio Granada both had surgery this week, keeping them in prayer for swift healing.

~ Could you kindly pray for Karen M. to be set free from all infirmity, pain, sickness and weakness in her body. 

That this heavy cloud of oppression would lift off of her permanently and that she would be filled with dunamis 

light, power, strength and health so that she may fulfill her God-given destiny. Also for God to do a miracle for her 

concerning financial provision. Thank you!

~ Mary Hoagland  is in the hospital she is in intensive care at Audubon hospital. She is in need of our prayers. She is not able to have visitors now 
but you can pray for her. She has had some bowel reconstructive surgery and is fighting to recover from that. Mary is 96 years old and this is hard on her. 

~ Next year (2016) in either late February or early March I will be in Lousiville, KY on a business trip. My family and I were members of this
wonderful church when I was a little boy. I even attended Kindergarten there. I haven't been to this church since I was halfway through the
4th Grade back in 1974. My plan is to attend services there on that Sunday, even if I have to fly in early or stay longer. This would bring me such
great joy. You have no idea. Please pray for me that God will move in my favor and make this possible. This will be like a homecoming for me
and a huge honor and blessing to be able to visit my first church home. I will be praying for this church body and the surrounding community
as well. God bless!
~ Len Jennings

~ My Sister in Law Denise just called me. She is Paul's only Sister. Their mother is now in hospice her health is declining she has some one with her

24 hours a day. She has broken a few of her fingers has lost weight is frail is agitated depressed and confused. She is currently in the Hospital

because she was so agitated that she would not calm down. They live in Virginia and her name is Hope.
~ K.C. Thornburg

~ Hello, I live in Louisville and desperately need your prayers. I don't know what to do or where to turn anymore.
I have serious health issues
with my kidneys that may require surgery. And I have a very stressful job that I am
in danger of losing soon. On top of that, I have a car that is
falling apart, that I desperately depend on to get to work
and to my doctor's appointments. Please, please, please pray for me and keep me in your
thoughts and prayers.
I am very scared and tired of these miserable living conditions. ~ Allen
*(Allen I am praying for you, and invite you to join us Wed. evening at 6pm for dinner and fellowship, and on Sunday mornings)
~ Pastor Thieringo must Find good job quickly, Protection, prosperity, healing, wisdom, freedom, miracles in finances and business,
he must find wife, success and miracles in his life in Jesus name.

~ Please keep the Herdt family in your prayers. There 26 year old son died at home last Sunday. His memorial service was held in Thermompolis WY
on July 3rd. Alexander David Herdt was discoved dead by his bother in law he lived with his sister and her husband. He had gone to a party the night
before and was drinking got home went to bed and never woke up on Sunday. When he was still not stiring when they returned from Church Jessicia's
husband went to check on him and found that he was dead. Alexander was a cousin. His grandmother Zita and my Mother Peggy are sisters. ~ Kirstine

~ Please keep my family in your prayers. The Memorial service for my Aunt Danyne is this weekend in Virginia.
We are unable to attend, however my two Aunts from Nebraska will be flying to Virgina for the service as will my Mother be flying from Alabama.
Aunt Danyne was killed in a bad car accident the end of Janurary in California while visiting with her Son. She is survived by 4 sisters, her
husband Ken and her two children Kate and Mike and not sure about the number of her grand children and great grand children. ~ Kirstine Thornburg

Please pray that the Department of Veterans Affairs Pension committee group at 1st Federal Drive in ST Paul, Minnesota 55111 will not terminate
My Veteran NON-Service Pension check I'd receive 1st of each month. I'd would be Homeless if they stop/ or terminate my pension check.

~ 2Nd prayer requests is Pray that GOD will heal My 2 Door Black 2001 Honda Accord coupe car will perform like a Brand new Honda car.
Thanks Brother Jerome Pierce

~ Chrystine Hartstern has been hospitalized,
for those who would like to send a card to my Aunt, our address is 1123 Okolona Terrace, Louisville, Ky 40219.
 We are having a problem with pneumonia and some bronchial trouble, asking that you keep us all in your prayers. ~ Carol Bass

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a little over 8 months. Over those 8 months we have built a strong foundation in our relationship in God,
serving him. She is on the praise team at our church and I run the sound and lighting and we are both leaders in our youth group. We've both always
felt like God brought us together and planned to do great things with us as a couple. We were both almost positive our relationship was heading to
... I'm so afraid for her and for our relationship. She seems to have lost sight of her beliefs and is vulnerable and satan is keeping her in a
confused state of mind. Personally, I've been fasting and praying and I feel like this is an attack on our relationship. Please join me in praying for her
and for our relationship. I love this woman and I love what God has done in our relationship thus far.
~ Anonymous

Please help guide us and give us the strength to teach our young teen the correct path. Sometimes we are at our wits end and don't know what to do.
This is the time we need answers and help. ~ Anonymous
~ Please keep my sister in law in your prayers.
Her husband Jerry passed away this morning. She is making funeral arrangements as we speak.
Paul may be going to Virgina to be there if Denise calls him. If that happens I might need help around here for a few days with laundry,
meals and help getting dressed in the mornings. Pray that we find a solution that works for all concerned. ~ KirstineThornburg

~ Please keep Tom Jacobs mother in your prayers. She needs to loose weight or she will not be with us long. Vicki has asked that we keep them in our prayers and will be able to find a solution to her weight problems as well as health problems created by being heavy. ~ Kirstine Thornburg

~ Please keep Denise and Jerry Dorfman in your prayers. Jerry's pneumonia treatments were stopped Monday night they were not working. Denise said he could now pass away at any time. ~ Kirstine Thornburg

~ Please keep Hope Thornburg in your prayers. She is still wanting to die and is upsetting my sister in law Denise. Please keep Densie and Jerry in your prayers. Denise is  Paul's Sister Jerry is her husband he is in a Virginia Hospital with pneumonia and is declining. They are hoping the treatment for his pneumonia will start to help by Monday. ~ Kirstine Thornburg

~ Please pray for my Friend's cousin. His name is Phillip he was in a really bad car accident Christmas eve. He has injuries to his spine can not move his legs.

   Kathy has asked for prayers for the family. ~ K.C. Thornburg

~ Please pray for my good friend since high school is having ear tubes being put in her ears surgerically, today.

    She lives in Pennsylvania. Her name is Kathy Thompkins. ~ Kirstine Thornburg

~ Please keep my facebook friend Christine Enhyrdt in your prayers. She fell last weekand broke her knee cap.

    She is home in a stability brace and has to use a walker to get around. ~ Kirstine Thornburg

~ Please pray we get to visit our daughter Shelbie in Murray Ky over the Christmas season.

    Due to her challenges her residential home dictates when or if we see her. ~ Steve, Lisa and Savannah Howard

~ Prayers for the people of the Phillipines who have been effected by the super Typhoon Haiyan, a category 5 storm ~ anonomous

~ Prayers for Brenda Cox and family in the recent passing of her husband ~ anonymous

~ Prayers for Greg Huegel and his family on the passing of his cousin Lynn Buffino unexpectedly ~ Caroline Young

~ Praise report! Greg Huegel's Aunt Nancy was able to return home following a long stay in rehab following having broken her hip and hip replacement surgery, PTL! ~ Caroline Young for Greg Huegel    

~ K. C. Is probably going to have more surgery tomorrow. Her infection is worse than she thought. Keep lifting her and Paul in your prayers. Food is a good gift for them. ~ Rev Greg

~ Please say a prayer for Greg Huegel and his friends, family and firefighter brothers in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. His little piece of home has been on fire almost all day! I know he must feel helpless. ~ Charlene Woodard Smith

~ Praying for the first responders dealing with the fire in Seaside New Jersey, and for all the business owners that have been effected by the fire. ~ Caroline

~ Praying for healing for Christa McCarrick and Kirstine Thornburg after their surgeries. ~ Caroline

~ K. C. Had surgery on her knee due to an infection ~ K.C. Thornburg



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