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Cooper Memorial United Methodist Church

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Meet the Church                               



This section is a chance to meet and know more about our church brothers and sisters. Anyone interested in writing please contact Caroline (502-345-8276 or


Meet the Early Cooper Church Choir! Can anyone identify some of these folks? Okolona Historical Society interested.



Meet the Church...

Casey Lasley ~ Why do I do Scouting? Why does Scouting mean so much to me and my family? I hear these questions from time to time and without even thinking, the answer is usually something along the lines of “because it is so much fun”. Yes, scouting is a lot of fun. It is so much more than that also. Scouting is what brought me and my family to the church. Because we are all coming to church now, we are on a path of exploring and learning about our faith. We owe this to scouting. Plus, the satisfaction I get in watching the kids succeed and accomplish things that they never thought would have been possible is incredible. Scouting has helped me become a more outgoing person who loves to give back to the community. Serving others and wanting to make this world a better place is now high on my priority list. I consider myself and my family to be better people because of scouting and the church. See, the ministry of scouting works! I’m proud to be a member of Cooper Memorial and a leader in Troop 190. - Casey Lasley





Meet the Church...

Vicki Mills ~ A couple of years ago, our church was looking for a delegate to attend annual conference. I asked what they do at this conference and the response I got was that it was boring and you sit in meetings all day. Speaking as someone that has now attended annual conference for the last couple of years, I agree with that person - you do sit in meetings all day voting on various items of discussion and electing new delegates to attend the general conference. However, I do not agree with the boring part. I have seen the joining together of laity and ministers that may have only came together this one time in the past year and greet each other with welcoming hugs. I witnessed the love of God and his people at work during those four days of conference. My son Andrew also went with me to conference. Can you imagine a sixteen year old asking to go back for an evening session to listen to an evangelist? Eddie Fox was that speaker and I had my doubts that he was going to inspire me but much to my surprise, he was an awesome speaker. I encourage all of you to listen to him if you ever have the opportunity. We went into the community as a group of 700 plus strong for one afternoon, hence "Afternoon of Service" and filled food baskets, school bags, health kits, went on prayer walks, planted flowers, visited hospitals, wrote agape letters, donated blood and this is just a handful of what happened in that one afternoon. We also raised $82,000 for a mission project to build new Methodist churches in Thailand and Venezuela. The Kentucky Conference goal is $120,000 so I am asking for your help to please give with your heart and empty your pockets for this chance to spread the word of Jesus Christ in other parts of the world. Called by Christ sent to sow, Vicki Mills


Meet the Church…
My name is Caroline Lee and I am a graduating from North Bullitt High School in
Shepherdsville, Kentucky. I graduate on Saturday May 28, 2011 in Broadbent Arena at 3:00 PM.
Thanks to my club swim team, the Lakeside Seahawks and my family’s support and dedication, I will be attending the University of Evansville in Indiana the fall of 2011 on a swimming scholarship. I haven’t declared a major yet, but I am keeping my options open. I thank my parents, Amy and Terry Lee for everything they have done and given to me. I love them so much and I have grown into what I hope to be, a well-rounded young lady, because of their discipline, love and guidance. Thank ya’ll for giving me a chance to live.




Special From The Mission Team Meet the Church...

So far, 2011 has been an exciting year for mission activities at Cooper as we continue to find new ways to do God’s work in our community and on a global scale. Kelsey Warford will be travelling with a mission group from her school this summer to Ghana, where they will work to share the love of Christ with families and children through a program similar to Vacation Bible School in rural villages. In order to support Kelsey on her mission trip, Cooper’s Mission Team held a “Grub for Ghana” fundraising luncheon following service on Sunday, January 30th. The meal was well attended and donations totaling nearly $500 were collected. A follow-up fundraising opportunity later in the spring will also go to help support her outreach efforts.

The other big news from the Mission Team this year:
Cooper has committed to partner with Christ Church United Methodist on a Habitat for Humanity build in
Louisville this Spring and Summer. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit Christian housing ministry that
builds simple and affordable homes in partnership with those in need of decent housing. The buyers of these
homes – and they are bought, not given – become partners in the program and participate on their build and
others and attend budgeting and planning workshops throughout the build. Through our partnership with
Christ Church UMC, we will begin constructing a home on Woodland Ave in Louisville on the weekend of
March 25-26. The build will continue each Friday and Saturday (except holidays and Derby) into early July.
While this is big commitment for Cooper, the commitment we’re asking each congregation member to
consider is to just volunteer to help one day, or a couple, or as many as you feel comfortable. No special skills
are needed to be of service – just a good attitude and a willingness to serve. We also have opportunities for
Sunday School classes or other groups within the congregation to provide lunch and hospitality for each
weekend throughout the build. If you have any interest at all in being a part of this mission, but might be
hesitant to volunteer because of worries about time or skills, please get in contact with me (Erik Mohn - and I’ll be happy to work with you to find a way to bring your gifts and abilities to
this project. We will also be fundraising throughout the spring, starting with a sale of Qdoba coupon sheets -
$50 worth of free and discounted offerings for $10 - $9 of which goes directly to our Habitat efforts. We will
also have t-shirts available for $15 (design proof attached). Look for this and other fundraising efforts
throughout the spring. Cooper has taken on a big task in committing to be a part of building community and I
hope that each of you will take time to consider how you might be able to share your gifts, talents, and
blessings in community with God’s people throughout Louisville.



Meet the Church...
I’m Ed Spellman and this is my journey to Cooper Memorial. It started here 49 years ago, that’s when I
join the Cub Scout Pack 190, then on to Troop 190 where I earned my Eagle Scout, then onto Explorer Post
190. After I turned 18, I became a scout leader in the troop. For the next several years of
my life I worked, went to church…trying many different ones but not finding the right one
for me. Then almost 4 years ago, after my parents had passed away and I moved back into
my parents’ home from Indiana I found myself still looking for a church home. I was at
Scout’s one night and still looking for a church when Rev. Trish asked me about joining
Cooper. I thought about it for a moment and then said “yes”. I thought back over the last
45 years through all of my scouting. I remembered how the members of Cooper Memorial
were always so nice to me, and I knew so many of them by name already. So a little over 4
years ago, I joined the church. That was one of the happiest days of my life; the first was
the day I as baptized. For myself, I have to say that now I want to do more for Jesus Christ
because of all he has done for me, for all of us. Just look around your daily life and see all
the good that Jesus Christ has done for you. Now it is our turn, for me and for you, to get out and spread the
word of Jesus Christ because in today’s world there are people who are not sure what they believe or simply
don’t believe. These are the people we are called to help. Since joining Cooper Memorial all the members
here feel like family to me. I have had the honor to serve as a trustee and this year begin my tenure as chair of
the leadership council. As chair, my goal for the church is to see us grow by having radical hospitality and
passionate worship. By having all of us together, we can do it. We’ll make Cooper Memorial the best place
for families to worship, have a place to learn, and become part of our Cooper family.



Meet the Church... Nina Adams
I was asked to share some of my “ life story” for the Cooper Newsletter. “How I seem to bounce back and keep on going,” she
said, “always with a smile on my face”. Well, at that moment, tears welled up in my eyes . That happens if my soul or spirit are
touched. After my husband Ralph‘s sickness and death, my heart has grown even more tender and compassionate towards others
that are going through suffering or grief or whatever. Back in the year 1976, before my high school
sweetheart and then husband died of a brain tumor when I was only 42, I received a touch from God, due to the
prayers of my sister and my daughter after the surgery. It was like someone handing me a hope-life-preserver.
Later when I went to the chapel, a scripture verse on a sign there became embedded in my psyche. “ Weeping
may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” (Psalms 30:5) Of course, I interpreted that to mean that
he would be healed. I went to a prayer group at St. Paul’s Catholic church on Dixie Hwy and a nurse, who had
been healed of a dread disease, was teaching on receiving the fullness of Holy Spirit. I was so timid then that I
could not ask for prayer for my husband Charlie. So I asked the deacon’s wife who had invited me there, to
make the request. The nurse, Ann Gunther, is still my good friend today. She did pray for him and that group
became my support group for the next 18 months. There were all denominations and they were singing and
praising the Lord with joy . So after Ann prayed for Charlie, she prayed for me to receive all God had for me
and then to give me a bonus of joy! That carried me through Charlie’s 18 months before his death; and that
joy has remained inside me ever since. Of course, that JOY OF THE LORD, is the same thing that carried me
through Ralph’s death in June 2009, and through the heart issues that I have had that made me require a pacemaker. The best part of that Joy is that it can be shared with others. Recently, my neighbor Rose, had a brain-bleed while we were at lunch on Oct 2. I called EMS and followed the ambulance to the hospital. Another neighbor and good friend met me at the ER as well as Rose’s son
and grandson. Days later in ICU at Norton’s where Rose was taken for surgery, I was telling Rose good-bye and praying for her
when I looked up and saw the whole family standing around the bed and my heart was like Rose’s heart towards them. I told them
how much faith their grandmother had in Jesus and in His Holy Spirit and Father-God; and that they needed to have that too, like
her. It is much needed for living and is the reason I had been able to go through the deaths of parents and husbands, that belief in eternal life through Jesus and His Holy Spirit. I cried as did everyone in the room including a friend who was outside the door praying for me! Now that whole family loves me like family. There, that is more JOY of our Lord! The next week , I was invited to a lunch and tea at church near here, where there was a dynamic speaker. She was from Catholic Charities. She spoke and showed a video about human trafficking. It was very moving and tragic to see the lives affected. We all felt almost hopeless as it seemed there was no solution to the problem. But suddenly, a strong sense rose up in me that I was to lead the whole group in prayer and to pray for the speaker who gets discouraged working with the young people whose lives have been ruined. We joined hands and I prayed with the Holy Spirit praying through me …..that God was greater than any problem and that He has ways even when there seems to be no way to save His children. Then, in tears our big Amen! And joy and hope follow.
Maybe, another reason I smile is because my dad was nicknamed “ Smiley” so perhaps I have inherited it from him. He and my
mother were faith believing people who were hopeful and optimistic. I have had so many joys and blessings in my life that
outnumber the sufferings. Among them are my three adult children, Chuck, Donna and Marianna, who married fine spouses and
gave me five grandchildren that give me more joy. This church family here at Cooper has given me joy. I love the whole Body of
Christ ever occasion that I am with them. That has included being with many different denominations over the years as I have
served as president of a local neighborhood Lighthouse of Aglow International. It is a organization founded in the eighties with 8 women around a kitchen table and now is functioning as God’s tool in 138 or more countries around the world. That gives me more
reason to have joy and to smile because I have received encouragement from them many times over the years. Aglow’s name is
taken from the scripture in Romans 12:11 “to be ‘fervent” (another meaning of aglow) and burning with the Spirit. To finish up on
my reasons for being joyful, living here at the Wesley Manor Village Patio Homes among Christians is like already receiving some
of heaven’s goods. Peace, security and listening to many other faith stories of many older than I is a real encouragement. Just like teaching the Seniors class now at Cooper. They argued over who was the oldest! So you see, getting older is not awful, we still have a lot of fun and Joy in our Lord!
PS. In your Bible concordance, look up how many scriptures there are for joy and to rejoice always. The Word of God is another
big JOY for me! It tells us that God rejoices over us with LOVE.



Meet the Church...
Hi; I am Vicki Basham, the treasurer/bookkeeper/administrative assistant here
at Cooper. Consecration Sunday is on its way once again, the time where you make
your covenant with God for your stewardship. Your pledge is what the finance
committee uses to create the church’s budget for the year.
Keeping that in mind, I would like to talk to you about the money side of things.
I feel I may have a unique perspective that only a small percentage of the current
members have: I not only see the amount of money deposited every week, I also pay
the bills. I see where our money is going. Before I was treasurer, I did not really think
about where the money I gave to the church went. It just went “to the church” or to
God. I think you need to see where the money is going, and how much it takes each
and every month just to keep the church doors open, not to mention the few ministries
that the church is able to do on a regular basis. I plan to show you the BASIC expenses,
following the conclusion of this article. It will not include additional expenses, such as
repairs, snow removal, expenses for bereavement meals, pastor business expenses, etc.
If you are not happy with the way things are going with something in the church,
please handle them through the proper channels (through the SPR- Staff Parish Relationsfor
example) instead of withholding your funds to the church. That only hurts the church as a whole, and may affect
the church in ways you didn’t want or expect. Also, whether you are attending church or not; those needs are still
here and in the community. We all still need to continue to honor our commitment we made to God.
Every dollar counts. Even if you consider the amount you contribute to be small, it still all adds up. For
example, if one person gave $10 a week, that is $520 a year. If that one person quits contributing, it could mean the
difference in getting a bill paid or not. If several persons quit contributing, it can really be a huge detriment to the
church- it can really set the church on a downward financial spiral.
I recently read on the internet that congregations that approach financial stewardship from a biblical
perspective do not view the money Christians give to their church merely as a way to pay its bills. Rather, such
congregations see financial contributions as a way to help people grow spiritually in their relationship with God by
supporting their church’s mission and ministry with a percentage of their incomes. I agree with that; however, bills
have to be paid in order to continue to keep the doors open to be able do those missions and ministries. And I would
like to see us be able to do much, much more (as I am sure most of us would).
Below is a total averaged from six consecutive months; again, please keep in mind that these are just the basics:
Operational Expenses $6,541.32 Our Mission Together $1,135.33
Program Expenses $ 621.81 Loan Payment $ 250.00 TOTAL: $8,548.46

Special Edition Meet the Church - Vacation Bible School 2010
Click here to see some of the fun ~

Special Edition Meet the Church - The Graduates!
Click here to see the pics ~



Kelly Ann Nason
Graduates from
Male High School on
June 1, 2010.
Future plans are to
attend Western Kentucky
University to major in
Daughter of Ericha Smith
Nason and John Nason.

Dani DeVincentis
Graduates from
Hanover College with a
major in Psychology and
minors in Classical
Studies and Greek.
In the fall, she will attend
University of Kentucky’s
Counseling Psychology
master's program.
Daughter of Chris and
Butch Robinson.

Chelsea Mouser
Graduates from
Jeffersontown High
School on June 1, 2010.
Future plans are to attend
University of Louisville to
major in Chemistry and
enter the Pharmacy
Daughter of Steve and
Peggy Mouser and
granddaughter of Irvin
and Lucille Brooks.

Renee Hudgell
Graduates from Indiana
University Southeast
with a degree in
Future plans are in the
Daughter of Barbara and
Rusty Hudgell.

Meet the Church... Sandee Crabtree
Friends class has been on a journey for nearly a year now. We started with food and a place to go on Sunday
morning before church. We didn't even call ourselves a Sunday School class in the
beginning. I kept running into adults who said, I have never been in a Sunday School class, or
at least not since I was a child. I go to church sometimes but not interested in Sunday
School. After a few responses like that, my marketing skills told me to spin it
differently. I began inviting people to breakfast at church before church service starts and that
worked. My class has had many come and go and that is always typical of any group. I hope
and pray that we did touch some lives along this journey.
Also in the beginning, I didn't even call myself a teacher, I was one of them. I was on
the journey with them. It was our goal to learn more about Jesus and how to live better. We
worked on that together as friends. Now we have evolved into a real grown up class, we call
ourselves a Sunday School class. We no longer have food as now we join the others between
first service and Sunday School for donuts and coffee and fellowship.
Speaking of fellowship, I used that word hesitantly, I don't like "church words" when
I'm trying to invite non-church goers to church and talk to them about Christ. I like every day
words that they get. My Hawaiian friends call hanging out and talking, "talk story",
I like that but we are Kentuckians and not Hawaiian so I don't know if that would be easily
understood either. I prefer to say, "Come with me on Sunday, I'll pick you up if you
need a ride, and we will have coffee and donuts and hangout and chat with some friends.
Then we go to Sunday School that I teach and then to Church." It is a package deal with me.
I just prefer not giving the option of just church. In sales I have learned many tricks,
call this a trick of the trade, but so far no one is objecting and I think the ones in my
class appreciate the friendships we are establishing. I suggest when you invite your friends
to church that you too make it a package deal. Anyone now with their posterior sitting in a
pew at Cooper either first or second service that don't go to a Sunday School class,
why not check us out. Our location is the old 20/30 room which is a lot of wishful thinking
on our parts. We are a friendly bunch and this just might be you fit. I believe everyone could
use a couple more friends. Why not us? We love you and can't wait to meet you Sunday morning.
We are the ones with chocolate donuts on our mouths and laughing. Can't miss us!

Meet the Church...Irvin Brooks, son of Marion and Edna Brooks, began his
attendance at Cooper Memorial Methodist Church about 87 years ago. The
church consisted only of the sanctuary structure that we know today. All of the
Sunday school classes met in various sections of the church. Irvin said, “If you
weren’t interested in what your teacher was talking about, you could listen to
another teacher close by!” He remembers circuit riders arriving on their horses
to be a guest speaker. Irvin’s first date with his future wife, Lucille, was in
1937 at a New Years’ Eve party with his Sunday School class taught by
Mildred Weber Oglesby. They were later married in 1944. The Brooks family
grew with Terry born in 1949 and Peggy five years later.
Along with the sanctuary was a small, white frame house that was the
original parsonage. When attending church activities people parked off the road
in front of the church on what was then a two-lane road. Most church activities,
mainly picnics, took place outside during good weather. Irvin was involved in planning a new parsonage, as
well as, two new additions of Sunday school rooms and the activity building at a much later time. The addition
of the social hall provided for much needed access to space for year-round activities.
Many long-lasting friendships have developed through serving on various committees over the years.
Irvin and Lucille have served and held positions of leadership on finance, Sunday school superintendent,
teacher of Sunday school and vacation bible school, trustees, and staff-parish relations chairperson. Cooper
Memorial United Methodist Church has always been important in their personal and family lives. The
extension of the family attending Cooper Memorial through what is now five generations is a source of great
pride for them.

Meet the Church...Hi we are the Maddox’s, and our family consists of John, Rebecca, baby, and
Grandma Perkins. We have been members of the Cooper
family for about two years; I am vague about the timeline not
because parenting is exhausting but because I simply cannot
remember a time when we were not members of the church.
We both came to this church through a very long process
of looking for our place in this world. I think it is sufficient to
say that God gives more chances than just one to find him. We
both love our church and our faith. We came to this church
after a long process of looking for a spiritual home. Some time
God shows you the way to Him through quiet insistence. We
drove by Cooper almost daily and almost always commented on how curious we were to see
the inside of the little church on the hill. After traveling to Venice Italy and being vastly
moved by the beauty of its many churches we found it impossible to ignore Cooper Memorial.
After each of our first visits to Cooper we learned more about the wonderful church and felt
our curiosity bloom into a desire to become part of a church family.
Many of you know that we waited a long time to be matched with our daughter, but
what you don’t know is that our Cooper family kept us going through some very tough times
and that our Lamplighters group helped shine the Lord’s light into our hearts during the long
wait, the death or Rebecca’s father and the many unexpected challenges of parenthood. While
we have been busy learning the ropes of parenthood we try to find time

Meet the Church...
Becky Gent and Donnie Mills were the
directors of Upward Basketball for 7 to 10 years. About
three years ago they decided they needed a break from
basketball. After the first year of their break, God asked
them to start Upward Soccer Ministry. Why we are doing
this ministry? Upward allows us to reach out for the lost
people to share the love of Jesus Christ.
Upward is a Christian sport program that helps
children get closer to God and Jesus Christ through coaches, referees, and directors.
Before every game everyone prays. During half time in a game there are devotions.
There are devotions during every practice.
In the parable of the sower, Jesus talks about a farmer scattering seeds in the
field. Some fell along the path and was eaten by the birds. Some fell on the rocks,
where there wasn’t much soil. Those plants withered and died because they had no
roots. Some fell among the thorns, which grew around the tree and choked out the
fruit. But the other seeds fell in good soil, where the plants grew and produced fruit.
You have to have good soil to plant seeds. You have to do Upward right. How do
you do that? 1) lift up your league in prayer. 2) present the Gospel and Scripture. 3)
Want every child to know Christ. 4) Actively develop leadership. 5) Reinforce Christ as
the character model for coaches and referees. 6) Deliver a fun experience for every
Every child is a winner in Upward. It’s a race to the heart of a child; first one
there wins.

Meet the Church...
Steve and Chelsea Mouser are baptized members of Cooper
Memorial United Methodist Church. Steve was baptized as an adult in
1979, and Chelsea was baptized as an infant in 1992 and confirmed 10
years later. I mention these facts of baptism because we are called by God,
through the act of baptism, to be in ministry in the world. We are to reach
out to people through loving acts of service.
We began our initial mission work at Cooper when we were asked
by Gertrude Westlin to join her in representing Cooper Memorial UMC on
the representative board for a community service group called MUSCL.
MUSCL stands for Ministries United South Central Louisville. We were
able to assist Gertrude in continuing her ministry with MUSCL until her
health finally prevented continued participation. Chelsea and I are more
than happy to continue the work with MUSCL as best we can. In addition
to attendance at the board meetings every other month, Steve delivers commodities to five families in the
MUSCL area monthly. Chelsea is by far the youngest member of the board of representatives and is very well
received by the other members. She was given the duty of recording secretary at one of our last meetings and
did very well in recording the official minutes of the meeting. We are both looking forward to sharing with the
congregation of Cooper Memorial UMC an informational video that is being professionally produced about
MUSCL in which both have an active part. Chelsea’s statement about community ministry being “taking
church out of the church” was received as a highlight statement of the interviews.
MUSCL recently celebrated its 25th anniversary on May 9, 2009. About 75 persons that have played a
role in the MUSCL ministry attended the celebration. There are currently 16 member churches that support
this ministry. Funds are also received through various grants from the Metro government. Emergency
assistance is provided to families by way of assistance with housing/rent monies, utility payments, food
pantry, clothes closet, school supplies, meals on wheels, and commodity deliveries. Most of the work is
accomplished through volunteers. There is a small staff that oversees the process that is followed to coordinate
money disbursements and volunteers. We serve needy residents in the 40213, 40217, 40219, and 40229 zip
codes. If you subscribe to the thought “charity begins at home”, then MUSCL can provide service
opportunities for anyone interested.

(see pic in newsletter link)
Special Edition Meet the Church - The Graduates!

Danielle Bilyeu Simmons
Graduates from North
Bullitt High School on June 6th
Plans to attend Indiana
University Southeast to major
in Education
Daughter of Steven
Granddaughter of Carol and
Bobby Simmons

Ashley Elizabeth
Graduates from
Southern High School
on June 3, 2009
Plans to attend
Spencerian College to
their Radiology
Technology program.
Daughter of Sandra Allen

Ryan James Evans
Graduates from Ballard High
School on June 4, 2009
Plans to attend Sullivan
University for his Bachelors in
Business Administration
Son of Janelle Debra Evans and
James Edward Evans (deceased)

Stephanie Swincher
Graduates from the
University of Louisville on
May 9, 2009 with a
Master's in Nursing
Degree as a Family Nurse
Practitioner. Clinical
Current clinical placement
at a Family Health Center
in Louisville, and is considering continuation of
employment in the program upon graduation.
Daughter of Steve and Peggy Mouser

Jeremiah Smith
Graduates from United
States Naval Academy on
May 22. 2009 with a BS in
Systems Engineering
Future Plans are "to defend
and protect the Constitution
of the United States from all
enemies foreign and domestic"
as an officer in the United States Navy.
Home Port: Naval Mobile Construction
Battalion #1 (Sea Bees), Gulfport, MS
Son of Rick and Rev. Patricia Smith

Hamilton Lorelle Bennett
Graduates from North
Bullitt High School on
June 6, 2009
Future plans are
Daughter of Bruce and
Patti Bennett
Celebrate our Graduates
Church wide gathering.
May 31st following Fifth Sunday
Worship Service
please RSVP to Barbara Hudgell or
Lisa Herdt

Meet the Church...
Hello, my name is Bob Murphy. I have been ask to head the Leadership Council this year, and I accepted, not because this is my forte, but because God has done so much for me and also because I know I won’t be in it alone. I have all of my good friends here at Cooper to help me.
I attend the first service routinely, but I have also attended the second service and have served on various committees, so I know a lot of you here. I attended Cooper when I was in High School, and then like so many young people, I stopped for a time. Then when our daughter was born, my wife and I knew that we wanted her in church. We started looking for a church home and attended several other churches, but some of my family was still at Cooper so we decided to try it again. Well as you can see, you were our choice and we have been here ever since. Our daughter is now twenty-three years old.
I cannot begin to tell you what Cooper Church, or should I say the people at Cooper Church have meant to me over the years. They have always been there for me and my family. We all go through trials and tribulations and I know God is always with us when we do. A lot of times He is with us through the people he puts in our path along the way.
I guess what I hope to accomplish during my time as Chair of the Council is for you to know that the decisions we make will not be made until they have been prayerfully considered and we seek God’s will and not our own agenda.

Meet the Church...
Hi! my name is Chuck Wylie. I am sure many of you do not know me. My wife, Sharon and I moved to Louisville in February of this year from Washington State. My son is in the Army and is stationed at Fort Knox. We moved here to be able to see our grandson grow up. We are closer to our other grandson in Missouri.
As a married couple, we have always been Methodists. We have been involved in churches from 12 members to 900 members. I have served on the Administrated Board, Trustees and most church committees over the years. My walk with Christ has not been a straight and narrow path. During my working years, I was distracted by making a living, trying to give my family the best of things at the expense of my religious life. After retiring from the Boeing Company because of health problems, my priorities changed. As always when we are presented with a life changing decision, I turned to prayer. My prayer was answered and now I try to serve my GOD as best I am able. I still have a way to go on my walk with Christ. I would call myself a joyful Christian.
I am the newest member of the Staff Parish Committee. As a member and chair of the Staff Parish Committee, I really do not have a vision for this Church. Rather I look to what the BIBLE instructs of all Christians and that is to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ brought to all the people. Our Church is made of people with many talents and gifts given by the Holy Spirit. Using these gifts, I hope the Church will not only have the resources to carry out and grow the established ministries and missions of Cooper Memorial UMC but reach into the community to bring the message of hope and love of Jesus Christ our Savior to all who desire to listen.

Meet the Church...
To my fellow brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ where do I start? This article was to be my “swan song,” my departure from heading up the finance committee one year short of full term. That all changed and you might be asking what changed my mind. The answer you might expect is a simple one and a logical one, God. However it goes deeper than that as the answer is also you. Yes those of you reading this are responsible for a renewed Christian man. Now hold on, God shares in this credit of rejuvenation after all he inspired you and you became the vessel that not only inspired me but many more just like me in the church, Gods church, his house that represents the body of Christ. As recently as last month I was gone. I had given up an afternoon with the family to meet with a group and present some ideas the finance committee had come up with to reduce cost while utilizing our existing church members talents and at no cost to the church, but more importantly give us the needed funds to expand our out reach programs. As I listened intently to all the reasons why not to proceed with this direction and I must admit the reasons I heard were given with such passion, concern and love of Gods house and all were very convincing. However I silently ask God why they can’t see what we are not doing for him and the lost and un-churched in the community and soon my mind left the meeting long before my body walked out the door. Not once did I hear ideas on how we use that large some of money to reach out to the community, the un-churched and fully commit ourselves to perform Gods covenant to be disciples of Jesus Christ. No we were more interested in preserving something we always had but truthfully didn’t need. I thought of the out reach programs of smaller and poorer church’s and what I first hand had witnessed with their programs bringing in the youth, with week end get together of singing, praising, praying and bible study and soon followed later with their parents or grand parents attending and with in 6 short weeks 55 new persons were attending and 18 gave of themselves to Jesus Christ and it all started with that very same some of money that we were asking for that Sunday afternoon. Needless to say as I drove home, first feeling sorry for myself, then blaming myself for not doing a better job of presenting to those in attendance and lamenting over what we could do with the funds and all this eventually led to my decision to step down as Chair person for the Church Council.
Now you asked what made me change my mind and again I will say God in prayer and you all stepping up demonstrating your real love of Jesus Christ through your commitment on Consecration Sunday. While I was feeling sorry for losing a small battle you all were winning the war on that Concentration Sunday. This past Friday I received the final summary of Cooper Memorial Methodist commitment and again God showed me where I belonged and what direction I should be taking in my walk with Jesus Christ. Here is a summary of our Consecration Sunday commitment.

      70 giving units


      Weekly gifts of $1,747.00 X 52 weeks = $90,844.00


      Monthly gift totals of $3,650.00 X 12 months = $43,800.00


      A yearly gift total of $2,500.00


    There were 14 units that did not indicate and amount but said they would step up too or move towards tithing.

This should total up to $137,500.00 to $140,000.00, God Bless Cooper Memorial Methodist Church.
Now the real work begins. We gave our commitment to Jesus Christ because we all have witnessed with our own eyes the transforming, resurrecting power of God’s love. It affects people’s lives and hearts, in part through the ministries that this church performs and provides. But in the real world, ministries need supplies, leaders, staff, equipment, curriculum, paper, bread, scissors, and sheet music—worldly stuff for an out of this world revelation of love. Please pray for us as we put together our financial plan to assist all those that will make it all happen and live up to our vision statement:"Cooper Memorial offering hope & love through Jesus".

    Take care, God Bless and see you next Sunday.
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